Revel in Flesh – Live at Schlichtenfest 2022

Revel in Flesh co-headlining in their neighbourhood at Schlichtenfest 2022 was the third time I recorded these guys within this year and we wanted to get it right this time, but just look at the weather during the shoot. In addition the bands schedule got delayed heavily due to technical issues, but the Ralf and his fellows took it light-heartedly, drank some beers, chit-chatted with their friends in the first rows and when things finally started they were in a visibly good mood. This made me forgot about the wet and bad condition for a proper shot and the result is (not complete, the FOH stopped recordings 4 songs too early somehow) a worthy memory of this lovely festival just one hour west of Munich. If you like this footage, do not only buy Revel in Flesh merch or become a supporter of my channel: Go and pay Schlichtenfest 2023 a visit. It’s one of the many small gems of German underground events. Thus, thanks again to all Schlichtenfest crew, Puddy (FOH) and Wolfgang (Boss) in particular! See you in the woods next year!

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Audiomix by Sick of Sound

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